Renovating a 100 Year Old Duplex

Posted 2005-12-31  

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Shortly after Andi and I got married in 2004, we decided to renovate our 100 year old duplex we lived in, that was located in North-East Minneapolis. So for several months we lived in our small living room while we tore the rest of the house apart! We moved the fridge and microwave into the living room with us and made do.

We did a variety of projects at the house, I put some of my favorite pictures from the project above.

The projects:

  • Removing molded walls in basement - the previous owners had put tar paper against the limestone walls and then covered them with drywall. No idea what they were expecting to happen, limestone constantly weeps moisture. We ripped it all out and replaced it with pegboard for ventilation.
  • Replaced siding with vinyl, added insulation, replaced windows.
  • Landscaped yard.
  • Renovated entire kitchen on both floors, including sistering the joists on the 2nd floor to fix 9 cm dip from edge to middle.
  • Renovated bathrooms on both floors.
  • Re-tiled ceiling in portions of the 2nd floor.
  • Built custom shelves in the basement.
  • Built a new fence.

After all that work, we were sad to move, but we were ready to live outside the city for a while.

Chuck Hays works at Google as an SWE on the Duo team.

Chuck was formerly a Senior SDE at Microsoft working on the Azure AppPlat team.

Chuck lives in Minnesota and is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota with a master's degree in Computer Science & robotics.

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